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Gelcoat Resins Additives

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  • Acetone
    $7.00 Choose Options Acetone
    Excellent for surface and equipment clean up.

  • Cab-o-sil® (Fumed Silica) Aer-o-sil Resin Filler Thickener. Thickening agent for resins and gel coat. Add powder to make a paste to Epoxy Polyester.
    $3.25 Choose Options Cab-o-sil® (Fumed Silica) Aer-o-sil Resin Filler Thickener
    Thickening agent for resins and gel coat. Add Cab-o-sil - Aer-o-sil powder to make a paste. Stir or mix in. Quart size should thicken a quart of Gel Coat. Some resins absorb more, requiring more Fumed Silica powder...

  • Catalyst for Polyester (Gelcoat and Resins)
    $6.50 Choose Options Catalyst for Polyester (Gelcoat and Resins)
    Catalyst for all Gelcoat and Resins.

  • Chopped Fiber glass strand 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2”, 1/8th inch, 1/4th inch, ½ inch,  6.4 mm,  Make a paste from resin, reinforcement, kitty hair, reinforced paste
    $4.95 Choose Options Chopped Glass Strand Fibers 1/8”-1/4”-1/2”
    Make a resin paste with reinforced fiber glass cut strand fibers. 1/8”- 1/4”- 1/2” inch chopped size. This is how to make kitty hair putty. Best to catalyze and mix in E glass...

  • Cloth
    $9.00 Cloth
    3/4 ounce Fabric Cloth. Fiberglass cloth is best for panel repairs and reinforcement were heavy strength is not required in applications such as fairings, panels and access panels. For general FRP repairs and reinforcement...

  • Duratech High Gloss Additive
    $17.00 Choose Options Duratech High Gloss Additive
    Gelcoat airdry additive.

  • Fiber Glass Mat - 50" Wide
    $9.00 Fiber Glass Mat - 50" Wide
    Standard mat is excellent for general reinforcement repairs. It is easy to tear by hand for feathered repair edges, it also has excellent absorbing properties and will swell in size and depth with the addition of resin...

  • Fiberglass Stripper (KLEAN STRIP)
    $33.63 Fiberglass Stripper (KLEAN STRIP)
    Strip paint from fiberglass.

  • Fine Milled Glass Fibers finely ground Fibres 1/8 Mill
    $4.50 Choose Options Finely Milled Glass Fibers 1/8 Mill
    Stir or mix this with resin, epoxy, polyurethane to increase some strength and reduce shrinkage. Use as a thickening powder to create a paste or putty. This resin filler thickener is perfect for vinyl ester, polyesters,...

  • Fish-Eye Eliminator
    $10.00 Choose Options Fish-Eye Eliminator
    Fish-eye eliminator. Improves flow-out and increases gloss.

  • Gelcoat Tooling Resin
    $31.00 Choose Options Gelcoat Tooling Resin
    Highest quality for mold making.

  • Patch Aid (Patch Booster)
    $9.50 Choose Options Patch Aid (Patch Booster)
    Gelcoat manufacturer recommended curing resin. A "hot" resin solution formulated with wax agent as a substitute for thinners. Promotes excellent surface cure for speedy repairs...

  • PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Clear or Green
    $7.00 Choose Options PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Clear or Green
    Gives optimum surface cure when sprayed over the gelcoat patch during the curing process. Also a release agent for parts and molds. Available in Clear of Green.

  • Smoothie for Gelcoat
  • Stitch Mat (Combination) - 50" Wide
    $12.00 Stitch Mat (Combination) - 50" Wide
      One side 24 oz. woven roving Other side standard mat Combination mat has the strength of woven roving and the swelling characteristics of standard mat. Excellent for those challenging structural repairs, tub bottom...

  • Styrene (Optimum Thinner)
    $8.00 Choose Options Styrene (Optimum Thinner)
    Optimum thinning agent for Gelcoat and Resin. 10% - 15% reduction for Gelcoat.

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