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Spraying Accessories

  • Dirt Pick
    $28.88 Dirt Pick
    For removal of dirt & debris from your newly painted surface.

  • Mini In-Line Moisture Filter
    $13.75 Choose Options Mini In-Line Moisture Filter
    Helps remove oil vapor, water vapor and residual dust.

  • Mini Regulator Diaphragm
    $78.95 Mini Regulator Diaphragm
    Diaphragm Mini Regulator attaches to any spray gun or in-line for air brushes. 0-160 Psi. Avoid using cheater style regulator/air control valve. This Diaphragm style mini regulator will maximize the air pressure for repair...

  • Nit Picker Pro Pick Tweezers
    $13.95 Nit Picker Pro Pick Tweezers
    Removes ultra fine particles, bugs, hair, lint, dust nibs and other airborne debris from a wet newly painted surface. Made of surgical stainless steel. Detro Manufacturing Nit Picker DET1000 is no longer being...

  • Preval Spray Gun Bottle
    $1.35 Preval Spray Gun Bottle

  • Preval Spray Gun Unit
    $6.15 Choose Options Preval Spray Gun Unit
    Preval Spray Gun Unit

  • Preval Spray Gun Unit With Bottle
    $7.35 Choose Options Preval Spray Gun Unit With Bottle
    Spray Unit with Bottle

  • Spray Gun Cleaning Brushes
    $14.50 Spray Gun Cleaning Brushes
    5 Assorted sizes

  • Spray Gun In-Line Filter
    $8.50 Choose Options Spray Gun In-Line Filter
    Spray Gun In-Line Filter

  • Tip Cleaner
    $5.25 Tip Cleaner
    or spray guns and air brushes