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Safety & Protection

  • Nitrile Gloves
    $14.70 Choose Options Nitrile Gloves
    NITRILE GLOVES Best protection from peroxide permiation...

  • Latex Gloves
    $12.30 Choose Options Latex Gloves
    LATEX GLOVES Quality disposable latex gloves...

  • Over Spray Goggles
    $15.75 Choose Options Over Spray Goggles
    Vents prevent liquids from getting into eyes Anti-fog coating on interior lens 99.9% UV protection. Curved lens and anti-splash design meets ANSI Z87.1-1989...

  • Safety Eyewear
    $5.98 Safety Eyewear
    Safety Eyewear

  • Safety Eyewear #1
    $6.25 Safety Eyewear #1
    Safety Eyewear #1

  • Safety Eyewear #2
    $6.50 Safety Eyewear #2
    Safety Eyewear #2

  • Safety Respirator (Disposable)
    $24.25 Choose Options Safety Respirator (Disposable)
    3MTM P95 organic professional respirator with chemical cartridges for organic vapors NIOSH approved, complies with OSHA regulations for respiratory protections...

  • Particulate Respirator
    $3.50 Choose Options Particulate Respirator
    NIOSH 42CFR84 approved,possible replacement for 3MTM respirator PN06983. Recommended for grinding, sanding and buffing. Exhalation valve improves comfort; nose clip adjusts to many face shapes. NIOSH certified as 95%...

  • Face Shield
    $24.75 Choose Options Face Shield
    Designed to protect the face from flying particles and chemical splashes. Features totally adjustable headgear for a secure and comfortable fit. Large 7” x 14” clear plastic window is impact resistant and east to...

  • Non-Toxic Dusk Mask
    $4.25 Choose Options Non-Toxic Dusk Mask
    Dust mask protects against non-toxic dusts, powders, pollen and other common airborne particles. This one-size-fits-all mask is perfect for home, factory, farm and garden use. Applications include wood and metal sanding,...

  • Spray Sock
    $2.75 Choose Options Spray Sock
    One size fits all. Protects against dust and over spray. Washable.

  • Cotton Apron
    $14.75 Cotton Apron
    Sturdy construction, washable. Blue Denim. 

  • Paint Coveralls Overalls
    $12.75 Choose Options Paint Coveralls Overalls
    Breathable lightweight comfortable coveralls overalls suits worn for protection from paint overspray, sanding dusts, pesticides, grease, dirt and grime. Coveralls are made of lint free antistatic GEN-NEX®...